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​Fiorino for Colorado

Hello Grass Roots,

You are new, or one of those who have followed this campaign since 2006 or have nominated, voted or campaigned for us in 2010, and 2014 the year we

achieved votes in all 64 Counties.  I have seen the

action on my ideas, concerns and issues that were brought

to light as other candidates listen and have taken action.

My decade of advocacy has also inspired others to run for

office and that with no money or endorsements the integrity

of Fiorino for Colorado continues with our message that campaign finance reform, overturn of Citizens United, Voting Rights are needed first and foremost. Election turn-out is dismal and there is a problem with apathy among the Citizenry.  Please register and check if you are, because after collecting each signature still over a third is insufficient or not found on the Registry at CO.SOS.org.  Fiorino for Colorado U.S. Senate 2016 is well on it's way to carry the issues of Arts 

Humanities in Education,  Environmental Hope with Energy

Sustainability, New Industry Banking and Agriculture, Keeping

Families together with Immigration Reform and Diplomacy on

all levels of Foreign Policy. An Unaffiliated Candidate can work

with all and carry a voice for the People of Colorado as we navigate through the halls of Government to keep our issues

relevant and actions worthy, to find dollars to bring back

to our State and the projects that make the most sense.

My history as a gubernatorial candidate is to engage those

who have capacity for change and creative control to make

our State a better place to live and work. Saving our facilities

preserving our culture and our towns is important to this campaign as I make my way through to November 8th.  

I ask for your vote to continue this true grass roots and demonstrate that each vote counts and that you care

that Fiorino for Colorado can make a difference.

Thanks for your involvement and getting informed, contribute to your favorite non profit organization they need our help.


United States Senate

Colorado Candidate