Other major issues include Water, Reforms, Security, Families, Jobs, Aerospace, Sustainable Energy,

Climate Change, Protect & Preserve
Resources, and New Industries of Tech and Hemp for Manufacturing/Banking,

FAIR Trade Agreements (EU & Asia) & Veterans Affairs & Homeless Issues

Supreme Court overturn Citizens United

Fiorino for Coloradoendorses 
Amendment 69 (Colorado Cares) and the SCFD for the fact that it serves all Citizens of Colorado. 

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​Fiorino for Colorado

Freedom to be Unaffiliated


I have adopted the word UNAFFILIATED

Wordnik.com, as the first in Colorado history to access the ballot in 2006

when I decided to run for Governor

when then DPS Superintendent cut

the Arts in education DenPost 1/26/06

I have run for the Arts & Humanities

which after a decade Colorado is #1

in arts participation by the National

Endowment for the Arts DP 1/26/15

Time to elect an Unaffiliated Senator

for Colorado the State of the ARTS.

Independent is what they call us

but officially we are Unaffiliated(U)